Is digital marketing the “career of future&#...

Is digital marketing the “career of future”?

There is a lot of curiosity towards careers in digital marketing.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way about it.

Digital marketing is already an important piece of every brand’s annual marketing plan. It is getting attention from small business owners and CEO’s of large companies. No marketing plan is put together without special attention given to digital spends & its initiatives.

As per a report by KPMG, India’s digital advertisement market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.5 per cent to cross the Rs 25,500 crore mark by 2020. You can access the PDF version of the report here.

That’s a lot of opportunity & responsibility on the table to cater to.

While deciding on a digital marketing career:

It is a lot more hustle than what it looks like.

I have heard a lot of college students say, I would get to be online and active on social media all day and get paid for it! Well, it is not as easy, marrying the right understanding of the medium, what the audiences are interested in & with what is most relevant for the brands to be involved in, creates value from digital marketing.

Also, there is a lot of proactive thinking needed to get it right all the time. It is easy to wander all over the internet and lose focus on what the job is at hand for young professionals.

About easiness of a stable digital marketing career:

If we have to look at it purely from a demand-supply perspective, there is way more demand than the supply of good digital marketing resources. If someone has the drive to excel, there is no limit to what one can achieve in their careers in digital marketing.

Learning the right skills for career in digital marketing:

There is an overlap of things one can do with these platforms in their personal lives, with what digital marketing professionals for brands.

Although there is a lot of content available online to read, the best way to learn is to become the master practitioner of the art. Be it social channels, SEM ads, blogs, online videos, etc. every channel can be explored for personal passions or personal branding in the same manner that one would professionally use them for brand marketing.

Excelling in a crowded digital marketing world:

It is important to keep oneself abreast with good online campaigns from the recent past, there is so much content that we are consuming, we at times, forget to pause and reflect upon some good work and take some learning out of it.

Also, students in college or recent pass outs should look at picking up a cause or a message important to them, that can be proliferated online through their social channels and learn the small details of how each social platform works.

Learning Resources:

One should pick online courses from sites like

  1. Udemy Digital Marketing Course
  2. Unacademy (Web Analytics)
  3. Unacademy (Digital Marketing)
  4. Google Analytics Academy

and many more. Try to learn the basics of front end code, it goes a long way in helping to manage online assets for a brand.

Self learning is the best form of learning digital marketing. You can use the available online  resources, read up expert blogs but finally it is up to how much of that learning you actually put in self-practice.

The Author is Hardik Joshi, DGM Marketing – Online Strategy Lead at Reliance Digital Retail Ltd. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are of the author. Happy Reading !
Hardik Joshi

Hardik Joshi

DGM Marketing - Online Strategy Lead at Reliance Digital Retail Ltd
10+ years of experience in cross functional verticals like clients relationships, campaign strategy and project management. Experience of managing large & diverse team of managers, team leads and executives and creating a self motivating environment to aim for perfection and excellence.
Hardik Joshi
Hardik Joshi

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    26 July

    I believe there is a lot to come in the field of digital marketing, till 2020 the market of digital marketing gonna hit some golden records and 2017 is the right time to enter into this exciting career option.
    I learn digital marketing from
    which really provide the real professional touch to the learning.

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