Revelations of a Budding Fashion Blogger : Intervi...

Revelations of a Budding Fashion Blogger : Interview with Samidha Singh

Blogging is a passion, which if pursued religiously, turns into a career for some. Fashion is one of the most dynamic industries, and be it tips or trends, we rely a lot on the internet to tell us what to do and what not to do.

We got a chance to talk to Samidha Singh, a fashionista who is a fresh blogger in this space. Below are the excerpts of our discussion with her :

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging 7 months back! And its been brilliant till now with some great learning and exposure!

How were the initial days like, how did you start work/ build your presence. What were the things, who were the people that helped you grow in the initial days of your career as a fashion blogger?

– Starting a blog never came in mind at first. Instagram was the place where I used to get loved by people. People used to appreciate my style and ideas about fashion. Slowly I came to know that fashion blogging can be a great way of spreading fashion across the country and far more. I was working with a Finance company during those days as a credit underwriter, so I used to get time only during weekends to research on this term as ” fashion blogging”. Eventually after planning, I quit my job and took admission in a fashion designing school named S.N.D.T in Juhu, Mumbai. Currently i am a student there taking my fashion designing diploma degree.

After quitting the job i started working on the website, learning everything about WordPress. Finally after many weeks i learned how to make a website through Youtube! Now making the name was another tough job. All names were taken and i wanted to keep the name as simple as possible so that every other person should remember the name once they hear about it. So finally after many weeks i came up with the title and the name: The Style And More.

There were not many people who believed in me in the start. My parents were always supportive and gave me the strength to leave a settled job and start something which I always had passion for. Instagram followers appreciated my work. Met new people, some ditched, some are still with me. Its difficult to believe in anyone these days as you never know who is plotting things against you. I prefer keeping faith in my work and work work till you succeed.

Which are the brands that you have worked with?

I have worked with many brands by now. Listing a few below:

Quirk Box
Missa More
Blinge Fashion
uptown Official 18

ELLETTRA by Karishma
Yamini Malini
Pimp my Style Official

Mansa India
The Soule Store
The Style Sydrome
and many more.

I’ve also Judged Fashion shows in college names VIT (Wadala, Mumbai) and T.S.E.C. (Bandra, Mumbai).

If there was one thing that you could say to aspiring fashion bloggers / lifestyle bloggers / instagrammers, what would it be?

– Don’t start blogging with a money making motive. Start blogging only if you feel the passion to spread the knowledge without any selfish motives behind it. Have patience and faith everything shall come your way.

During the past one year, more fashion bloggers have started working in this space. Your comments?

– Fashion blogging is blooming in India finally. I feel now fashion bloggers are given more respect and value for the amount of work they put in spreading knowledge through their website posts/ youtube/ social media. This makes the new comers attract to come in this field as they now know that their work will be recognized one day or the other.

What are the things that a marketer should remember, while approaching fashion bloggers, or lifestyle bloggers? Do you see any disconnect between how they see your work and how you actually work?.

– Fashion bloggers are motivators, they cannot give you the exact business you expect from them. Bloggers will always give their 100% they have to understand this. No comments further.

What are the changes/ improvements you feel should happen in the space/ industry that you work in?

– Everything is just perfect!.

So, now you know where to go to for all your styling and fashion tips!

Visit her blog or her Instagram and let us know what you think!

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