The World of Fashion Blogging : Some Insider Tips ...

The World of Fashion Blogging : Some Insider Tips by Roshni Kapoor

Enchanted by the world of bloggers, we met Roshni Kapoor, who is a Fashion Blogger and we got her talking to reveal some of her blogging tips and tricks.

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When did you start blogging?

I started blogging as an experiment some months back. I had several ideas that I was interested in blogging and I thought I could be fairly good at giving tips, analyzing fashion trends. What started off as an experiment a few months ago has now become a part of my life. I have always been a shopaholic with an eye for clothes, accessories and shoes which can stand-out in terms of  Looks and Fashion. But in recent months I have started enjoying my interaction with people on social media by giving tips and recommendations on Fashion and Brands. As of today I love the experience of shopping and sharing my experience through blogging.

Along the way I also learned a lot about social media and online marketing, I went on to work professionally in social media. And before I knew it , I was addicted to blogging.

How were the initial days like, how did you start working/ building your presence. What were the things, who were the people that helped you grow in the initial days of your career as a fashion blogger?

It’s been a great experience and journey since the first day I started blogging. It started of with Facebook/Instagram where I realized that my pictures were actually liked by several people. In no time I have gathered more than 300k followers on Instagram and I feel my role and knowledge as a fashion blogger has helped a lot.

Over last few months my knowledge of fashion has grown. I have tried to think of new products based on movie characters, color based themes and different styles, places and characters which may cater to different people.

There were few things that I always followed:

  • Behind the scenes — my closet, my work buddies, my home.
  • What’s inspiring me today.
  • A wishlist.
  • A day-in-the-life montage
  • A color-themed post.
  • A product review.
  • Outfits based on movies, characters, places.
  • What you packed/wore on my recent or upcoming weekend trip.
  • A fashion problem I have, and how I solve it.

Which are the brands that you have worked with?

I have tied up with some Brands and Companies as a Fashion n Travel Blogger …..Sport Convo Cap, dealjeans, e2ofashion, Flat Tummy Tea, Nail Care Studio, Spoyl app, Bewqoof Official, Makeup_and_u, Lillie_By_Ruthie, Auhnacreations, Moksha, Indus Paragliding, Rightfit The Boutique etc.

If there was one thing that you could say to aspiring fashion bloggers/ lifestyle bloggers / Instagrammers, what would it be?

Being a fashion enthusiast/ blogger is a lifestyle, which might turn into a job in future. But remember that it shouldn’t affect your passion of being one. Do it just because you love doing it! Not because someone paid you to. Set Goals. Not monetary goals, but time goals. I shouldn’t be the one telling you guys what goals to set because different people have different levels of passion, and everybody’s life differs. Important point to take note is consistency, so people don’t forget about you!

During the past one year, more fashion bloggers have started working in this space. Your comments please.

I am happy that more people are realizing that their hobbies, interest can also be expressed like this and even get them a job. It’s so cool to see people sharing ideas, sharing contents taking fashion sense to another level by their personal opinions.It has also given fame to many of them, hence people are also following the trend in search of fame and money.

Meanwhile, the fact that so many big blogs have now gone commercial — or made the move away from blogging to other media outlets — also creates opportunities for new, fresh voices. “Because there was time when fashion bloggers became quite monotonous…now we’re seeing individuals come through, but on social media as opposed to a web-based platform.

What are the things that a marketer should remember, while approaching fashion bloggers, or lifestyle bloggers? Do you see any disconnection between how they see your work and how you actually work?

Marketers should make sure that they have a goal in mind before reaching out to the blogger. Having a laser-focused idea for a promotion is the perfect way to approach them. The less thought the blogger has to put into incorporating the product into their content, the more likely they will proceed to working with the marketer. And talking about understanding each other’s work. It’s all about having your own space so that one can work freely and live their thoughts to bring best out of them. Both of them should respect each other.

What are the changes / improvements you feel should happen in the space / industry that you work in?

The demand for higher value at lower price is increasing and to survive, fashion manufacturers need to improve their operations through producing right first time quality and waste reduction. It is important to identify, quantify and eliminate sources of variation in an operational process, to optimize the operation variables, improve and sustain process performance with well-executed control plans. The industry can gain higher productivity and profitability with improved quality product by minimizing the need for reworks. This minimizes cost and improves internal throughout time.

In 2015, 51% of all ecommerce growth in the US went to Amazon, so improvements in fulfilment are not just nice to have for retailers, they’re a necessity to survive. For Amazon, 12% of revenue is on fulfilment costs. Predictions from NRF said companies that adapt to more modern way of doing commerce, that enable multi-warehouse distribution, will grow at about 20% and profit margins will grow at about 10%. This is applicable to large and small brands, highlighting the growth potential from asking improvements in this area.

Content is the king on the internet and the richest of content is put out by these bloggers, who make complicated topics like fashion sound simple for us! Roshni Kapoor is a fashion blogger, instagrammer who is fast carving a name in the industry & proving to be a preferred blogger of well-known brands.

You can follow her at – Instagram, Facebook

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