Google Analytics 360 Suite – Just Another “S...

Google Analytics 360 Suite – Just Another “Stack” or “One-stop-solution”

Questions like,

What they want?
Where they want to go?
What exactly they looking for?
When I should reach them?
What is the best time to pitch in?

always keep haunting marketers due to frequently changing behavior of multi-screen consumers.

Data that is mined from different resources like content platforms, social channels, do help to find these answers but to get it all in one place from different sources is pain. Cloud marketing platforms from Adobe, Oracle, Sales force do try to bring all this in one place so that marketers can act faster, deliver better experience to customers.

The one data behemoth, the one giant in global online data sets is Google. It handles obscenely large customer data sets through different freely available tools for consumers and now Google Analytics 360 suite will just enable the ad giant with enormous strength.

The Launch of Google Analytics 360

Google introduced – Google Analytics 360 Suite, a set of integrated data and marketing analytics products, designed specifically for the needs of enterprise-class marketers to understand customer insights better to catch them at right movement.


Loaded with six tools out of which four are brand new as Google claim it will enable everyone in organization for data insights:

Google Audience Center 360 (beta)

Google Optimize 360 (beta)

Google Data Studio 360 (beta)

Google Tag Manager 360

Google Analytics 360

Formerly known as GA Premium

Google Attribution 360

Formerly known as Adometry

“The suite is designed to give marketers a single view of the entire customer journey. We feel like we’re bringing together best-of-breed systems that really help to get to the point where you’re taking advantage of these systems much faster and with much more precision”

said Paul Muret, Vice President of Analytics, Display, and Video products at Google in conversation with Wall Street Journal.

Hope companies can now focus on helping customers and allow concerns to be addressed for better experience through Google analytics 360 suite.

You can read more about this news on Google AdWords Blog.

Amol Ghemud

Amol Ghemud

Amol is a Growth Hacker and Marketing Strategist with extensive experience in Channel Optimization, Data Analytics, Brand positioning strategies and Media management. He is a co-founder of where he leads marketing and growth hacking


  1. Anu Grover

    9 November

    Thanks for the updates on The Google Analytics 360 Suite which offers powerful and integrated marketing analytics solutions for today’s biggest enterprises and to understand customer perception better and to catch them at right movement.

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