My name is Amol Ghemud, and I’m a Growth Hac...

My name is Amol Ghemud, and I’m a Growth Hacker

I fell in love with this high-speed digital marketing industry a few years back.

The thrill of discovering new things every single day still feel fresh as it was yesterday. From the understanding importance of meta tags to what clicks and impressions means were exciting. It was frustrating when things didn’t work out; when you try out new things, experimenting with the approach. But failures come with tons of learning.

That’s digital marketing.


Getting hands dirty with all aspects of customer life cycle, pushing the client to try/experiment unexplored hypotheses, finding new cheap methods engaging with target audience allowed me to know what I was doing is “Growth hacking”. At times it was exciting and many times it was a frustrating experience.

Convincing clients to take a route of Growth hacking as a concept is difficult when you interact with people who have pre-decided mindset limited to SEO and PPC, while surrounded by fly-by-night digital marketing agencies who don’t really care about the long-term health of the business.

Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing

Digital marketing agencies who want to make money were mushrooming at every corner. (they still do) Poor execution skills, lack of awareness about user’s need, lack of language-product fit made most businesses lose trust in digital marketing and hence very few showed guts to take experiment road where chances of failure are higher than success.

Every other digital marketing agency seems to be behind quick money; very few want to nurture the client. These agencies do make money in the short term but lose in the long run. Many times marketers don’t realize that they are slowly devaluing client’s trust in their services.

I understood this when I was pushing multiple accounts for Growth approach.

I managed SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Analytics, Social Media, Content Strategy at different times at different scale for clients across the domain. It’s always a hide-&-seek game between success and failure when you never divert from the path of experimentation.

Growth happens when a client shows trust in your ability and let you experiment with their product or services.

Because of increasing awareness of digital platforms – as also because of lack of accountability in traditional media – more unsatisfied/experienced clients who tried and tested digital marketing are adopting Growth hacking.

upGrowth is a growing marketing firm based in Pune. We leverage digital and mobile channels to drive exponential growth for our customers across industries.Essentially, help you put together the nuts and bolts together for your idea.

We are a bunch of passionate folks that have worked with iconic brands like Google, Times Internet, Digital Vidya, Jobnet, IPL, Scandid, Autowale. Scaled up users from 0 to 10’s of millions.We work across US, UK, Asia-pacific region on a various scale of budget across multiple industries. We are also developing digital marketing and growth hacking tools which will be free to use for marketers who are interested in their client’s success.

I invite you to generate more Leads and Grow Exponentially with our Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing, and IT Solutions.

Trust at upGrowth –We remunerate all our employee’s salary on Day 1 (advance) of every month. I know that sticking to this idea and much more in future would be an incredible challenge but we are up for it.

Amol Ghemud

Amol Ghemud

Amol is a Growth Hacker and Marketing Strategist with extensive experience in Channel Optimization, Data Analytics, Brand positioning strategies and Media management. He is a co-founder of where he leads marketing and growth hacking

  1. It is great to hear that people are slowly understanding importance of digital marketing. I have been helping companies regarding SEO and digital marketing with the services. Though there are more people in this field now, but some of them know the actual art of digital marketing and how to get 100% from digital marketing.

    Being digital marketing field is challenge and you have to keep updated with the latest trends.

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