10 Things You Will Understand If You ACTUALLY Are ...

10 Things You Will Understand If You ACTUALLY Are a Digital Marketer

How to know if a digital marketing expert is really an expert? While we cannot give perfect answer to this question, we can have an inside look and some laugh at 10 things that a digital marketer usually would do / know about:)

You are a Digital Marketer if –

Your Ad Blocker on Facebook is turned off (just to check all ads for their graphics & content).

You are able to track conversions, without a ‘thank you’ page.

You see pop-up ads on a website and you are like,

You abandon shopping carts & notice the change in the copy of the remarketing ads that follow

You always click on a paid Google search ad and remark “ye gaya iska 120 rupaya”

An agency tells you that they can’t share AdWords account access & you are like,

You like the pages of all ‘competing brands’ and follow them religiously.

You read through the timeline of ‘twitter influencers’ just to get a good laugh at their expertise.

You know all three options that are shown after click on the ‘x’ (close) button of a display ad.

You know when you last rotated your ad copies.

So, those were few things that you would relate to if you are a digital marketer. Share with your friends from Social Media, Online Advertising, Content Marketing domain. If you have some more traits in mind, do let us know in the comments below.

Ashish Dasharathi

Ashish Dasharathi

Digital Marketing Leadership & Advisory Role At An Admired Real Estate Brand Since 2014. Comfortable with Digital Marketing Performance Campaigns, Growing In House Digital Marketing Teams, Maintaining Agency Relations and Working With Them For Growth Of Brand As Well As Flagship Products Through Digital Marketing. Is Passionately Driving Pune's Largest And Most Consistent Community Initiative In Digital Marketing - Pune Digital Marketers. Curated & Designed Digital Marketing Sessions With 160+ Digital Marketing Leaders - Is at @PuneMarketers Speaker - Credai - Vapi, Gujarat Payoneer - Pune, Bangalore The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) - Ahmedabad Symbiosis, Pune
Ashish Dasharathi
Ashish Dasharathi


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