In Conversation with TEDxPune Team for upcoming ev...

In Conversation with TEDxPune Team for upcoming event on 26th Nov | Hyatt Regency Pune

#TEDxPune will strive to collect together contemporary ideas worth spreading to inspire better cities and citizenship. It will seek out ideas that inspire people to live lives with purposes beyond oneself. It will seek to spread ideas that inspire better cities and citizenship.

Below are few questions asked related to the upcoming flagship event in the historic city of Pune – TEDxPune!


1. Who is the audience of TEDxPune 2016?

TED is a platform for individuals from all the fields to get together and discuss ideas on Technology, Entertainment and Design. TEDx is an independent TED event. TEDxPune will feature a live simulcast of curated Talks from TED Events, Live Speakers and Breakout Sessions. TEDxPune will be a one day event of creators, designers, leaders, technologists (and many more!) coming together and discussing their ideas, passions and motivations with each other with the goal to create knowledge and memories.
Having said all this, TEDxPune will witness an audience from all the fields including school students, professors, teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, IT professionals, travelers, artists, CEOs, social activists. The theme for TEDxPune this year is #WhyNot. So, #WhyNot everybody gets a chance to attend this amazing event.

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2. Which are the marketing avenues, platforms you are exploring to promote TEDxPune 2016?

TEDxPune is creating a lot of buzz on the social media these days with active accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Apart from that, we have our fully functional website, up and running, We are also reaching out to our enthusiasts and followers through emails by sharing small insights about the speakers, contests and the amazing things that we’ve planned for the 26th November, the D-day.

3. How are you approaching or planning your marketing activities for TEDxPune, especially thorough the digital media?

We’ve made sure that we have a lot of surprises lined up for our followers. For example there are contests running for the Toastmasters of District 98, tag-a-partner, share your #WhyNot ideas on social media. These contests are making sure that the viewers are constantly engaged in our activities and at the same time, giving multiple chances to them, to win a contest and get discount vouchers for the event pass.
Apart from these engaging posts, we are rolling out our speaker line up one by one, which is making sure that people are excited to know what TEDxPune 2016 is all about.

If you are planning to attend TEDxPune this year, you can use this given graphic and upload it on your social media profiles to let your network know about it.


Event details:

Date: 26th November, 2016
Venue: Hyatt Regency Pune
Time: 12:30 – 06:00 PM
Reserve your seats now!

P.S. You can contact the author of this post to avail discounts on the tickets!

Anikait Chavan
Admin at PDM blog, Anikait is a Digital Marketing Consultant from Pune. He designs Web creatives and Graphics for Pune Digital Marketers Community. Co-founder at Campus Times, which is one of the loved Digital Media Agencies in Pune.
Anikait Chavan
Anikait Chavan


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